How to Remove MacVX

What is MacVX?
MacVX is an application that should enable faster streaming of online videos. At least that is what developers of this program are claiming. Moreover, this application is compatible with all major browsers. However, there are a couple of interesting facts that you should know about this program. In fact, MacVX is recognized as an adware for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this program is free; therefore, in order to make money, its developers are cooperating with various advertisers. Secondly, this questionable application may travel as an extra attachment together with other freewares. Thirdly, MacVX ads may redirect you to an unsafe website that you do not want to visit. Finally, this program may track your online activities and use this information for various commercial purposes.

How to remove MacVX?
Scan your computer with MacWare Adware Cleaner for Mac. Adware Cleaner will free your computer from annoying adware, malicious hijacker (e.g. MacVX) programs and unwanted toolbars.